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Advent Bag

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Why not treat your dog to a present each day in December with one of our Advent Bags. A delicious selection of our 100% natural treats are hidden for your pup to open each day in the countdown to Christmas with a Pig in Blanket is the treat for when Santa arrives on Christmas Day.

The following treats are included:

  1. Turkey & Cranberry Sausage 
  2. 100% JR Beef Coin
  3. Fish Training Treats
  4. Chicken Foot
  5. Charcoal Bone Biscuits 
  6. Gourmet Chicken Sausage
  7. Cut Beef Trachea
  8. Poultry Training Treats
  9. Gourmet Liver Sausage
  10. Fish Skin Cubes
  11. 100% JR Duck Coin
  12. Beef & Garlic Sausage
  13. Chicken Neck
  14. Rabbit Ear
  15. Gourmet Venison Sausage 
  16. Garlic Chicken Paw Biscuits 
  17. Sprats
  18. Pork Crunch- Inner Pig Ear
  19. Turkey & Cranberry Sausage
  20. Mini Fish Twist
  21. 100% JR Lamb Coin
  22. Brown Pig Snout
  23. Betty Miller Cheese Biscuits
  24. Lamb Ear
  25. Christmas Day - Pig in Blanket!

These are made by us in store so please contact us with any dietary requirements.

As you know, we are keen on promoting a reuse, reduce, recycle ethos at Caine Craze so if you bring back your canvas sack from last year for us to refill we will give you 15% off of this years advent bag!


*Please note for the multiple dog sacks these are twice the amount of treats sharing the same numbered bag so ideal for the same household dogs*