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Cat's Best Smart Pellets is ideal for cats with long fur, as the pellets don't stick to the fur or paws thanks to the smooth surface. Cat's Best Smart Pellets is a soft-clumping litter made of 100% natural plant fibres, and it is both biodegradable and compostable.

Thanks to the odour absorbent active wood fibre technology in Cat's Best Smart Pellets, odours and moisture can be kept bound for a long time. It forms into particularly soft clumps, which can then be easily removed, with the rest of the litter staying in the tray for longer. This makes Cat's Best Smart Pellets more economical than other litter. The main body of litter will last for up to 7 weeks.

Cat's Best Smart Pellets work best if you simply remove the clumps that have formed and dispose of them in your organic waste or your toilet. It has been made exclusively with PEFC-certified secondary wood materials from the wood working industry in harmony with nature - no tree is felled!

Cat's Best Smart Pellets at a glance:

  • Soft-clumping cat litter made from pellets
  • Anti-sticking: ideal for long-haired cats, thanks to the smooth surface of the pellets that minimises litter being strewn around
  • 100% natural active wood fibres: straight from nature
  • Extremely odour binding: naturally fragrant - no artificial additives (pure natural product)
  • Can absorb up to 7 times its volume in moisture: first-class absorption for dry paws and optimum binding
  • Very economical: lasts up to 7 weeks, more economical than regular litter
  • 100% compostable and biodegradable: waste litter can simply be put in the compost, with clumps able to be flushed down the toilet or put in organic waste
  • Sustainable & PEFC-certified: the wood fibres come from secondary materials and ensure no trees are felled
  • Easier to transport - up to 40% lighter than mineral litter