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Billy No Mates! is a totally natural mix that is absolutely HATED by ticks, fleas and mites. Simply sprinkled over your dog's food.

Stroppy Bitch! is a totally natural product to help bitches experiencing hormonal temperament problems.

Are you often embarrassed by your dog's amorous nature? If so, try some of our Down Boy! Down Boy! is CSJ's latest herbal blend to naturally suppress the sexual drive in dogs.

No Ake! is a highly potent herb that is aimed at the nutritional maintenance of the dog's musculo-skeletal system and in particular the inflammatory response.

Turn Back Thyme! contains herbs for all round health and is aimed with the "older dog” in mind.

Skinny Herbs! is a natural herb mix that can help your dog's coat and skin.

TurmerTinc! is made from high quality Turmeric with added Cracked Black Pepper in a simple-to-feed form. No mixing, no mess. Specially formulated by scientists and herbalists. 

Ring 0' Fire! has been specifically mixed for dogs that scoot. If you have ever seen a dog sit and drag or 'scoot' its rear end across the ground you may have thought it funny.  However it is laughing matter for the dog and is a classic sign of a possible anal gland problem.