Fish Box

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A selection of our best selling fish products all in one place!


This box contains:

  • 100g Fish training treats (80% fish 20% potato and sweet potato)
  • 25g Squid strips
  • 1 Salmon skin
  • 50g Fish skin cubes
  • 50g Sprats
  • 1 Fish skin twist
  • 1 Wolf skin throw stick
  • 1 JR sea bass stick

Fish is a fantastic source of nutrition for your dog. Its high in protein whilst being relatively low in saturated fat making it great for weight control. It is also packed with omega oils to aid with joint care and mobility as well as being ease to digest and fantastic for dental hygiene. 


All of our products are 100% natural with eco friendly packaging.

Please ensure treats are given under supervision and fresh water is always available.