'Furminator' Box

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 The 'Furminator' Box has landed!

Did you know treats with fur can be used as part of a natural worming program and can help with any internal parasites. Its also a great natural source of fibre and can aid with digestion. 

This box is packed full of your dogs favourite furry treats including:

  • Rabbit Skin
  • Venison Leg
  • Hairy Lambs Ears x 2
  • Hairy Cow Ears x 2
  • Furry Rabbit Ears x 4

All of our treats are 100% natural and don't contain any colouring, preservatives or nasties. 

As our treats are natural, shape colour and size may vary.

Please, always insure your dog is supervise whist enjoying their treats and they must always have access to fresh water.