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Convenient complete and balanced dog food. Freeze Dried to lock in nutrients ensuring your dog gets all the taste of raw food, without the need to thaw! 

The ideal solution to on the go feeding when raw isn’t practical. Ensuring your dog still gets the same taste and quality of raw in a Freeze Dried alternative. Its raw without the thaw!

Our Freeze Dried food has been created with the same craft and care as our raw range. You’ll find all your best friends’ favourite flavours within our Freeze Dried range, ensuring they don’t have to compromise on taste or quality when life gets a bit busy!
There’s also the peace of mind that all our complete and balanced meals for dogs are made to FEDIAF nutritional guidelines, crafted by our expert team for worry-free natural feeding and mess free mealtimes. Our Freeze Dried nuggets make a hearty and delicious meal for all adult dogs.

Available in 250g and 120g Pouches.