Rabbit Ears

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For many these Rabbit Ears offer a tasty chew that are great for the softer mouth including puppies. These are an unusual chew and are not particularly long lasting but does offer something different.
Whilst the chew entertains and provides a range of nutrients the fur helps as a natural de-wormer and could form part of a natural de-worming regime. For Agility and other sporting dogs they can be used as a “tuggy” toy on a temporary basis until they are consumed.

Ideal for all dogs except the smallest of puppies
Economical to feed
No additives or preservatives
Low odour and soft to the touch
Fur helps as a natural de-wormer

100% Rabbit Ear

Analytical Constituents

Plain Ears:
Crude protein 51.1%
Crude Fats 19.4%
Crude Ash 3.9%
Moisture 10.6%

Furry Ears
Crude Protein 65%
Crude Fat 28.5
Moisture 5%
Ash 1.9%